Helen’s Pamper Package

Pamper parties with a difference!!

I am offering a different type of service, a pamper party service but with a difference. Instead of beauty treatments for women only I will cater for men too. I am doing this to help you get through life with a smile! Why not try a de-stress with a group of friends, or maybe friends and partners?

The packages I offer are as follows:

* 30 minutes per person of either a sports massage, swedish massage, or reflexology and a 30 minute group hypnotherapy session for relaxation £30 per person

* 45 minutes per person of either a sports massage, swedish massage or reflexology treatment, and a 30 minute group hypnotherapy session £40 per person

Minimum 3 people, no maximum as can book additional therapists

You will be able to mix and match treatments, for example if you all wanted just sports massages and reflexology and no hypnotherapy, just let me know. Or, if some of you want sports massages and some facials – if the party is over 5+ people I can bring along a beauty therapist too.

I will come and set myself up wherever suits you, in the comfort of your own home, or maybe at a hotel, the choice is yours. I can bring music and candles, whatever you prefer.

 The Benefit of Relaxation

Life can be magical. However, amongst the magic it can also be quite stressful with not enough ‘me’ time. The benefit of relaxation and reducing stress levels is huge. You may feel like your shoulders are up around your ears, and you are really tight, so why not take a morning, afternoon or evening to really iron out the knots in your shoulders and relax.

Contact me today to get your party booked in early and to have something to look forward to…..

Helen 0776 2241183

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