New! CBD Massage Oil Treatments

Why not enhance your treatment with me by trying Canna Care Limited full plant extract massage oil. This has had amazing feedback from my clients already.  The feedback has been that muscles felt extremely relaxed for much longer than using normal massage oil, as it is soothes and relaxes sore joints and muscles, enabling a deeper treatment than usual. I combine the oil with my Bio Lamp (see my page explaining this treatment) which works alongside the oil. A unique treatment!

Try either a Sports Massage, Reflexology, Bio Lamp treatment, Reiki or Hypnotherapy with the added benefits of CBD massage oil applied. Leave feeling like a new person! You will not find another oil like this one. I spent ages trying different ones which I ordered online, and none compared to this one.

The CBD Massage Oil is suspended in Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, CBN, Juniper Oil, Benzoin essential Oil, Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil, Marjoram Oil and Frankincense.  Recently, science and modern extraction techniques have now made it possible for Cannabinoids/CBD Oil to be legally extracted from plants.  Rest assured, you will not experience a ‘high’ with the oil just all of the health benefits!

Why should you try this oil? Here are the benefits 😊

1) The CBD Massage Oil has anti-inflammatory properties.  Therefore, it can help to heal certain ailments without the cannabis ‘high’. Whichever treatment you choose from me, this will benefit you by relaxing you further. The CBD in the oil works to soothe painful conditions such as arthritis or sports-related injuries. As these joints are soothed, you should feel less pain and stress from the inflamed and sore joints.

2) Increased Sensory Stimulation. With the CBD Massage Oil your entire body and senses will be stimulated. The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it needs to be taken care of just like other organs to be able to keep you healthy and feeling strong each day. A treatment with the CBD infused oil will stimulate your skin and help you to feel more alert and alive. Not only are the muscles and joints stimulated, the skin comes to life and will feel soothed & less irritated.  Skin cells are being produced every second of every day, and the CBD infused oil allows the old skin cells to fall away, rather than clog your pores,thus helping to revitalize your skin, tighten the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall skin tone.

You may fall into a euphoric state that allows you to easily deal with the troubles in your body or mind.
This is perhaps one of the best ways to decompress after a long and stressful day at work. It will revitalize, rejuvenate, and replenish your body, or have the complete opposite effect and completely relax you.

3)  The CBD Massage Oil alleviates Stress and Anxiety.  This is so common nowadays due to many factors of the modern world.  There are many worries for most of us.  This stress that a person has begins to take a toll on the body. Incorporating CBD oil with massage can help work on eliminating your stress and anxiety. CBD massages can put a person in a happy place, allow them to look forward to a reward each time, and wash away the stress that can lead to depression and nervous system degeneration.

4)  The CBD Massage Oil helps Chronic Pain.  CBD is now frequently turned to to help individuals manage chronic pain, on a daily basis.  As the CBD massage oil applied topically decreases the inflammation, and increases blood flow throughout the affected areas, it soothes tension in joints and muscles associated with the pain.

CBD oil has also been found to be beneficial for helping to reduce blood pressure, provide stress relief, and rehabilitate muscles that have endured various injuries, wear & tear. During treatment, the CBD oil acts like a natural aid to loosen muscles and allow faster healing. The CBD oil help muscles to relax just a little easier.