Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

These sessions can be carried out face to face or via Skype.

What to Expect – 

Your First Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session

The session can be used for interest only, exploring a past life, or it can be used to look at a specific issue that you may currently have, such as a fear, maybe a pain in your body, or another medical condition that has everyone baffled and cannot seem to be treated. It may be that this particular issue has been brought forward from a past life, crazy as it sounds! 

We will begin as any therapist would, by looking at different aspects of your life and health.  Then we will hone in on a particular issue that you may wish to resolve or learn more about.  Your session will then be crafted around this, or we can just explore your past life/lives not looking for any particular issue. Maybe as we talk initially this will bring up something that you may want to explore further.

A hypnotherapy session can trigger intense emotions, but the regression process itself is very gentle and simple, with you relaxing and opening your mind.

What You May Experience

In past life journeying, you can go anywhere and be anywhere, in a mental capacity.  You can move through time (an earthly illusion) and past lives instantly.  It is just like remembering events that happened in your current life, and as in your current life, there may be memories that we have difficulty accessing for assorted reasons.

You’ll be able to detach from the here and now, yet remain aware of the room and my voice. In this highly relaxed state of consciousness, you’ll be able to speak, hear and even move. You are in control at all times, and can emerge any time you choose simply by opening your eyes.  As your guide, I will simply ask you questions to help you along your journey.  

The session will take roughly an hour to an hour and a half.

I am a fully trained hypnotherapist, alongside counselling at Sheffield Hallam University.  I also have a degree with honours in psychology.