Personalised MP3 hypnosis recordings now available…

Personal MP3 hypnosis recordings now available!!

Whether you want to lose weight, stop binge eating, stop smoking, deal with a phobia, help depression /stress or increase your motivation, and you would like a recording which is personal to YOU, then I can make you your very own MP3. I will customize a recording specifically to meet your needs. You just need to provide me with details related to your desires and needs!

Total time spent on this is between 4 hours to a day, as I like to get this just right for you. I will send you the script / wording beforehand if required, so that you can check over the wording before recording.

The price for the personal MP3 recording is £180.

So what I will require from you is:
What induction technique works for you to relax?  For example a beach, mountains, floating in the clouds, water…
Do you have anything you would not want me to mention, such as a beach if you have a fear of water?
What kind of background music would you like me to include?  Normal relaxation music or binaural beats maybe? If you have some music that you love you can email me this for me to include too, in MP3 format. If you prefer no background music, that is fine too.
Then please email me what you would like included in your recording, or you can call me if preferred, on 07762241183.