Helen McGovern strives to achieve a high level of professionalism, and this can be noted from these recent testimonials from her clients:

William Windle from Hull, Outdoor Instructor says…..

I have suffered with a painful back for 15 years, due to Rugby and Parachuting with the Army. I had lots of physio in that time, which lasted a short while. My back was getting worse when a friend recommended I see Helen – one of the best bits of advice I ever had – Helen just seemed to know where was tight and painful in my back, and areas that needed stretching, and ones that needed strengthening.

Helen understood my condition, she gave me guidance in how to keep to healthy back through stretches and strengthening exercises. After three months my back is almost pain-free, I’m more active (playing experience working with rugby players, golf again!) and less irritable with the family. Helen’s wealth of knowledge working with professionsal athletes, rock climbing instructors, extreme sportspeople make her stand out from the rest.

Katie Brumpton from Sheffield says…

For all the therapies Helen offers she is calm, considerate and professional and specifically:

Sports Massage

Helen did me a sports massage when I had spent 2 days with very bad upper back pain radiating from my neck into my shoulders. The following day I had no pain, no stiffness and I felt altogther much more flexible and relaxed. Helen explained that the massage may be quite painful and in some areas it was, however this lasted no longer than a few seconds and Helen talked me through what she was working on and how she was going to alleviate my symptoms so I was able to enjoy the massage as well as gaining the therapeutic benefits from it. Would definitely recommend.


Very relaxing experience and enjoyed the treatment thouroughly. Helped with my stress problems and that night had an amazing nights sleep, the first time in ages. Having had reflexology done by 2 other practioners over the years would definitely recommend Helen as her touch is firm on my feet and I feel like I have had a good treatment at the end.


Having never had this done before was quite sceptical. Helen however made me feel completely at ease and I was able to completely relax. This definately helped with the sleeping problems I was having at the time and will definately have it done again when the need arises.

Laura from Sheffield says:

“I had never believed that hypnosis worked until I went to see Helen to try to stop smoking. I had smoked for over 12 years and had tried stopping on several occasions, trying everything from patches, gum and tablets and after a couple of weeks I always went back to the cigarettes. I went to see Helen with my partner so that we could both stop together and support each other along the way. I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed and was told how the process would work. I spent about 1 hour with Helen and from leaving her house I have not smoked since. It has been over 3 months since my last cigarette and I dont regret stopping one bit. I have recommended Helen to family and friends as you would not believe this would work until you try it for yourself. I would definately recommend to anyone”

Daniel Owen, Laura’s partner says:

Me and my partner went to see Helen because we tried everything to stop smoking and I’d heard about hypnosis and thought we’d give it a try. I went to see Helen and she made us feel really welcome and relaxed, it has been over three months since my last cigarette and I’ve certainly seen the benefit she has been buying lots of new clothes. I have recommended her to all my friends, my sister has already been.

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