The Mind Band

The Mind Band – Stomach Reduction Therapy

I am now a licensed practitioner for The Mind Band. I am achieving amazing results from weight loss hypnotherapy and now can go one step further and introduce….gastric band surgery achieved through a dreamlike state.

The Mind Band differs from the HYPNO-BAND Weight Loss System on a few aspects which may determine the successful outcome of the program. The Hypno-band may make you believe that a real gastric band operation is taking place. However with the Mind Band the appetite is reduced, carried out by helping you access a dreamlike state. For example, your body experiences things when sleeping, like falling, for being chased. When you awake you may feel like you have been chased, heart racing! When you dream you are talking, you may actually be talking in your sleep.

What if you were to dream that your stomach was getting smaller? What if you were to dream that a gastric band was being fitted?



What will happen…

The Mind Band is split into 4 sessions, in these sessions I will carry out a full analysis of your eating patterns, suggesting changes where appropriate. We will discuss fully the gastric band procedure so you are fully aware of what happens during a real operation, and how it will affect you in hypnosis. Once I am satisfied you are happy, the Mind Band will be carried out, and also any adjustments necessary will be made during later sessions.

You must have a BMI of 25 or over. If you satisfy all criteria (please ring or email to discuss) then you will have a minimum of four sessions. Each session is tailored to suit your individual needs and requirements, and at each stage I will ensure you feel totally at ease.

Testimonials for The Mind Band..

Dear Helen, thank you so much for helping me with my weight loss. I have to date lost 1st 4lb. My Dr is pleased with my blood pressure which is now in the normal range & my cholesterol is now at an acceptable level too. Thank you so much. Nancy
Nancy Deffley, Mosborough, Sheffield

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