Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

 Hypno pic 8Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Want to stop those chocolate or crisps cravings? Want to stop thinking about food when you sit down in the evenings? Have you ever thought of trying hypnotherapy to control those thoughts?


What I can offer you

I use a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, nutritional advice and exercise advice, incorporating changes into your life that suit YOU, not the therapist. As I also work at women’s weight loss camp www.thecamp.co.uk my approach to losing weight is unique and manageable. I do not believe in dieting and ‘giving up’ foods, and each session is tailored to suit your daily life.

Close your eyes and imagine how your life will be…

Picture yourself in front of that mirror in the future, how you will look, how healthy and fit and full of vitality you are. This can become a reality with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. Think how your life will be without the daily grind of being on ‘that diet’ and then how crushed you are when the weight is back on again. You will be able to control your weight without those fad diets, to lose weight sensibly and know how to keep it off. Now that is definately worth a go!!

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We can discuss your requirements further and I can answer any questions you may have.

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